ioneyes (1980-81)


Recently I came across an old and abused cassette of an EP by my band ioneyes from 1981. It was in the kind of condition you would expect of a 30-year-old cassette that hadn’t been stored properly. Still, I really liked what I was reminded of, and so here is a rescued version of each of its four tracks.


Karl Leach a.k.a. Karl Ray-voices and guitar

Fred Moore-voices and bass

Skye Michaels-lead guitars and voices

George Hublitz-drums 

 Even less promising was the rehearsal copy of our song “Sayrah” which was recorded on a small cassette recorder–the kind that you might buy at a drug store for 15 or 20 dollars. It was only intended for reference, and so the cassette recorder was simply placed in the middle of the rehearsal room. If I remember correctly, we had no PA system, so our mics were simply plugged into guitar amps. It’s a sonic nightmare, but again, I was pleased with something about it.