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 "the sermon on the crawl (2013)

From the album  Heimweh

From the album Heimweh

We’d done our best; we’d seen and done it all, 
Like guitars left untuned for silhouettes of ourselves.      
But it was there; it was there as it had always been there. 
Still, we might have hoped for something bigger than ourselves. 
He was tiny, he was hungry, he was drifting like a spore.
His mother and her boyfriend lying passed out on the floor. 
“It’s a lovely day.”

I did what I did; now what about you?
How had we become so unfamiliar with ourselves.  
Like feralized children who can never look back,     
Till in time their black ball of bland, objective truth implodes.
The big guy’s words are from his Sermon on the Crawl:
“It’s not the time to line our swine against the wall.
On such a lovely day.”

We’ve never looked back; we’ve thrust ahead,
We’ve been groping through one slow-moving cloud, 
    cold but beautiful.
Now we’re going dark where the patterns can’t lie.
Even now I’d have to say there’s goodness all around us.
Losers and their losses, 
Explain to me in one voice how all of these things
     can be true at the same time.
It’s all around us, there’s goodness all around us.
So let’s just fuck it all, there’s goodness all around us.